From the College Counselor

From the College Counselor: January 2016


News for Seniors

Welcome to semester 2 of the 2015-16 school year. All of our seniors made it through the college process relatively unscathed and managed to deal with the demands of the IB classes and the college application process at the same time. You are all to be commended!  Now, it is all over but the waiting and the huge decision of where to attend college for next year. U.S. Universities will expect an answer from the accepted students by May 1, 2016. Universities in other countries will give them the date they expect a reply.

As with every senior class in any school I have worked at, the time period after Christmas seems to be a bit of a relaxed time for some of the students…or so they think! This also, is a crucial time for them as the universities want to see a final transcript of their grades in June as well. If they feel the student has dropped his/her grades significantly without a valid reason, they could take back their offer of admission. It has been known to happen. Please encourage your kids to finish the school year on a positive note doing the best they can.

News for Juniors

I will begin interviewing all of the grade 11 students individually starting next week. I am looking forward to having several discussions with them over the coming months. This can only help with my letter of recommendation for them and helping to personalize the university application process. Please encourage them to make an appointment with me.

SAT and ACT News

The changes in the SAT test will be in effect beginning in March of this year. In short, the changes will make the test a little more analytical and students will be asked to provide proof for the written components. I have posted the changes to the new SAT on this website as well.

ACT Confusion

Before Christmas, we had applied to become an ACT test centre for our students. Although it will be a public exam open to anyone, our first priority is for our KAS students. Apparently, according to some students, we have been approved as a test centre already but I have not yet heard formally from ACT. The problem is that even though we are on their website as a test centre, the June exam is registering “full”. Not to worry; We should have clarification soon on this matter. I will send out an email to the Junior students as soon as we get “formal” clearance to be a test centre.

Below, please find a few resources to help with the college process.

Naviance/Family Connection: This is a comprehensive website geared towards college and personal searches. Most of the college applications are sent electronically through Naviance. All students have access to this website. Naviance/Family Connection

The KAS College Handbook which has many tips & techniques for navigating the college application process. College Handbook

Visitors to KAS: Every year, college admissions representatives come to our school to meet with students, parents and the counselor to update us on the latest happenings and admission requirements & programs. It’s most important that students take this opportunity to meet with them as they are a wealth of knowledge and a great help in navigating the process as well as suggesting programs for our students. My goal is to get many more representatives to visit us in the coming months. We have great students and a great school! Let’s show the world!

How to schedule a KAS visit: Please contact Greg Bishop, college counselor at or Denise Wu, counseling secretary,  at  We would be happy to make arrangements.Please also see our section on College and University visitors in the menu to the left. It contains useful information to help you plan your visit.


Greg Bishop

College Counselor