KAS PTA 2017-2018
KAS PTA 2017-2018

KAS PTA Executives

President 會長

Wendy Li Quinn

Vice-Presidents 副會長

HS Alice Wang
MS Petra Chang
ES Susana Yeh

Secretary 祕書

Theresa Chiou

Treasurer 財務

Stella Hsu


PTA Handbook
PTA Handbook
Date: May 17, 2016
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  • It is our tradition to hold a Welcome Dinner to receive all the new teachers and parents, and at the same time welcome our “old” teachers and parents back to school after a long summer break. Students provide wonderful entertainment!






  • The PTA helps with the Halloween celebration by sponsoring game booths and providing snacks and drinks.





  • Every year the PTA holds in the Cafetorium a Thanksgiving Lunch for the faculty and students of both the Elementary and Secondary Schools. Children enjoy pumpkin pies, turkey and a great community atmosphere!

    PTA-Thanksgiving-000 PTA-Thanksgiving-033 PTA-Thanksgiving-032 PTA-Thanksgiving-031 PTA-Thanksgiving-030 PTA-Thanksgiving-028 PTA-Thanksgiving-027 PTA-Thanksgiving-026 PTA-Thanksgiving-025 PTA-Thanksgiving-024 PTA-Thanksgiving-023 PTA-Thanksgiving-022 PTA-Thanksgiving-021 PTA-Thanksgiving-020 PTA-Thanksgiving-019 PTA-Thanksgiving-018 PTA-Thanksgiving-017 PTA-Thanksgiving-016 PTA-Thanksgiving-015 PTA-Thanksgiving-014 PTA-Thanksgiving-013 PTA-Thanksgiving-012 PTA-Thanksgiving-011 PTA-Thanksgiving-010 PTA-Thanksgiving-009 PTA-Thanksgiving-008 PTA-Thanksgiving-007 PTA-Thanksgiving-006 PTA-Thanksgiving-005 PTA-Thanksgiving-004 PTA-Thanksgiving-003 PTA-Thanksgiving-002 PTA-Thanksgiving-001







































  • KAS PTA fully decorates the school lobby and spreads some Christmas cheer!

    PTA-Christmas-001 PTA-Christmas PTA-Christmas-011 PTA-Christmas-010 PTA-Christmas-009 PTA-Christmas-008 PTA-Christmas-007 PTA-Christmas-006 PTA-Christmas-005 PTA-Christmas-004 PTA-Christmas-003 PTA-Christmas-002
















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