Building A New School

From MAYU architects+ designers of KAS new campus:

An international school strives to nurture its students to become world citizens through a community of teachers and classmates of various nationalities as well as diverse educational methods. The Kaohsiung American School (KAS), as such an entity, has thrived for more than twenty-five years by attracting talented teachers and students alike even though it has negotiated with limited physical presence because of relocations and use of older facilities. By leasing the former Victory Elementary Public School site from the Kaohsiung City government, KAS finally has a permanent home at the current site not far from the Lotus Pond, a famed tourist attraction. The new school built on this site is well thought out and curriculum based to better meet the needs of all students.


“The sequential spatial flow” reflects the spatial quality befitting the KAS educational precept by clearly delineating the building circulation that is both flexible and highly navigable. This quality enables the school occupants to access the available resources with ease while the permeable spatial borders encourage cross-pollination of various learning disciplines through integration and visual collaboration. Double quads and cohabitation of architectural volumes are combined to mold such spatial quality into a flow of spaces that are both enclosed and open as well as flexible.

Read more about KAS unique architecture on MAYU architects+ website.

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Watch Phase 2

This is the live video feed of our construction site (GMT+8):

 Time Lapse of the Construction

The office of Learning Technology recorded the amazing process that is the construction of your new school. Our camera takes a picture every 15 minutes and all of those are stitched into a grand fresque of the entire project from beginning to end. Enjoy the playlist.

Phase 2 (in progress)

From June 2015 until October 2015 (to be continued…)

Phase 1 (completed)

From November 2013 to March 2015