One of the Finest American Schools in Asia

On Behalf of the KAS Board of the Directors, I sincerely welcome you to visit our website. The Kaohsiung American School is a vibrant and academically rigorous school that excels in fulfilling our mission of cultivating BIG students: Balanced individuals, Independent thinkers, and Global citizens. Our vision, to become one of the finest American schools in Asia, is rapidly becoming a reality. Under the fine leadership of Dr. Thomas Farrell and his administration, our school has continued to place more and more of our graduating seniors into top universities worldwide with most going to American and Canadian colleges. One most exciting recent development has been the completion of our brand new state-of-the-art LEED certified campus buildings with the two beautiful quads and a 400-sear auditorium/music center. By next year we will have a modern sports complex with a height-adjustable swimming pool. This is in line with our school’s strategic plan to focus on the 3 A’s: academics, arts, and athletics.

Today, almost all our students earn the IB diploma. KAS has chosen to embrace the IB’s educational philosophy that aims to nurture our young people to become inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring. We also carefully monitor the integration of technology into our curriculum so our students can be well-equipped to collaborate with students from around the world and be better prepared for future jobs that increasingly rely on digital skills. Our sports programs extracurricular activities are comprehensive, diverse and rapidly growing in number, as our students are encouraged to found new organizations that suit their interests.

The KAS School Board comprises of eleven directors, of which at least seven are directly elected by the KAS Association Members or our students’ parents. We have one permanent appointed position from the American Institute in Taiwan of the U. S. State Department. Our directors regularly participate in board professional development programs and attend major conferences such as EARCOS in keeping abreast of the latest US and international educational trends. Our bi-monthly Board meetings are open to the public, and KAS Association members are welcome to attend as observers. Our school board strongly supports our current superintendent Dr. Thomas Farrell, for his strong leadership has propelled KAS significantly forward and will continue to inspire our students to greatness, to pursue their dreams and to positively contribute to the world that we all live in.

Charles J. Tseng, MD 
Board Chair

Board Composition

Charles Tseng

Board Member

Eric Chang


Sophia Chang


Patrick Huang


William Harn

Honorary Member

Arthur Lin

Honorary Member

Ken Lin

Board Member

Eric Kao


Yin-Pin Wang

Board Member

Denny Ko

Board Member

Bob DeWitt

AIT Representative

Board Policies

KAS Board Policies
KAS Board Policies
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Board Announcements

2015.04 AGM Notice
2015.04 AGM Notice
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