The staff is stable with new staff members added primarily as the school grows. The average faculty tenure at KAS has been increasing to over 4 years with some faculty members nearing their tenth anniversary.

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Thomas Farrell

Dr. Farrell has over 40 years of administrative experience in American Education, including 15 years as Superintendent of Schools in Aspen, Colorado (1988-2003) and 5 years at Kennebunk, Maine (2003-2008). He has also taught at several colleges and universities in the US. He holds his BA in Political Science from the University of Maine where he played basketball and baseball, his MA in Administration from the University of Southern Maine, and his Doctorate from Nova Southeastern in Miami, Florida. He also attended the Principal’s Academy at Harvard. Dr. Farrell is beginning his seventh year as Director at KAS. He lives here with his wife, Debbie. They have three sons, Thomas, Lucas, and Nicholas.

High School Principal
Dawn Rock

Dawn Rock is in her eighth year at KAS. She came to us with 11 years of experience, including 7 years in international schools. Dawn holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of California, San Diego, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from the State of California, a Master’s of Arts in Educational Administration from Michigan State University, IB qualifications, and an Administrator Credential from the State of Michigan. Currently she is working on her Doctorate’s degree from the University of Minnesota.  Dawn is married and has one son who attends KAS.

Elementary and Middle School Principal
Dawn Kenniston

Dawn Kenniston will be our new Middle/Elementary School Principal. Ms. Kenniston has 10 years teaching experience at both the Middle and Elementary school level and has been a principal at both levels for the past 21 years. Her most recent position was at Longfellow Elementary School in Portland, Maine where she has been Principal for the past 13 years. Ms. Kenniston is well respected throughout Maine, where her school is recognized as one the most academically successful. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Ms. Kenniston earned her BA and MA from the University of Southern Maine. Her areas of expertise include curriculum development and literacy. She is currently implementing and facilitating the Columbia University Writer’s Workshop and is quite popular for knowing all of her students well. Her husband and sixth grade daughter will join Ms. Kenniston in Kaohsiung.

Assistant Superintendent & College Counselor
Parker Beverage

Parker Beverage came to KAS in 2011 as our first counselor dedicated exclusively to college counseling.  His credentials are impressive.  He served for 26 years as the dean of admissions and financial aid at Colby College in Maine, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the USA.  Prior to his work at Colby, Parker served in the admissions offices of Dartmouth College and Stanford University, from which institutions he also earned both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Amanda Barrow Amanda Barrow comes to KAS after spending a year in Kaohsiung as a Fulbright Scholar where she taught English in two local schools. Amanda graduated from Lawrence University in Wisconsin with a double major in Chinese and Literature. She also studied  flute music and graduated Summa Cum Laude. Amanda will teach three English Classes at the high school and intern in two English/social studies classes.
Natasha Stacey Natasha Stacey is our Non-Native Chinese elementary teacher. She joins us from Australia and is also a graduate of Kaohsiung American School. Natasha has a Bachelor of International Relations and Chinese from the University of Southern Queensland. She also studied in Zhejiang University City College in Hangzhou China and Han Chiang College Penang, Malaysia, where she completed her language studies. Natasha has a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning specializing in History and Chinese from the University of Southern Queensland. Natasha is currently working on her Masters in Education specializing in teaching English as a second language. Natasha has coached volleyball and badminton at KAS, as well as assisting in the Chinese Dance Club for the elementary school.
Linda Blanchette Linda Blanchette comes to us from Saskatoon, Canada where she 31 years of teaching experience at the elementary school. Linda most recently taught for two years  in Mexico City and several summers in Hong Kong. She earned her BA in Education and is trained in IB (PYP). Ms. Blanchette has a working knowledge in Spanish and French. Linda has three adult children and will be accompanied by her Husband. She has also coached volleyball, basketball, badminton and track. Her energy level is unmatched.
Jessica Boulanger Jessica Boulanger comes to KAS as an IB English Teacher after teaching IB English for the past 4 years in Curacao and AP at Josephinum Academy in Chicago. Jessica is from Illinois, USA and graduated from Illinois State University with a BA in English. She also has IB Certification in English A1 and A2. In 2011, Ms. Boulanger, then Ms. Faivre was Teacher of the Year in Curacao. She has been English Department Chair, curriculum writer, served on several international accreditation teams, and has participated in numerous professional development workshops.
Bruce Buck

Bruce Buck came to us after a successful 34 years of teaching high school math in three Florida High Schools. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida where he earned his Masters and his BA is in mathematics from Bradley University in Illinois. Mr. Buck coaches several sports and has been a successful athletic director.  He is in his second year at KAS.

Sheila Callahan Sheila Callahan has spent most of her life in New York City but recently lived and taught in Warsaw, Poland. Ms. Callahan earned her BA from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and is pursuing her Masters Degree from George Mason University. For the  past two years Sheila taught elementary school at the American School of Warsaw. She also has taught English in the national French school system.  Ms. Callahan is a published writer and worked on Wall Street before changing professions. Her husband is an M.D. Ph.D. who worked for many years as a research scientist in the United States. Most recently he substitute taught and tutored IB math, physics, biology and chemistry at the American School of Warsaw.
Margo Carnahan Margo Carnahan comes to us from Nigeria where she taught grade two for the past four years. Margo comes from Oregon and taught there for 3 years, giving her 7 years experience in teaching at the elementary school. Her certification is from Oregon and is in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She has her Masters of Art in Teaching from Eastern Oregon University. Margo has coached swimming and volleyball and has served on many faculty committees. She becomes completely involved in her school.
Daniel Castelaz Daniel Castelaz has worked overseas for many years, most recently at Taipei American School, where he taught Art at the middle and high school levels and also served as Department Chair for part of that time. Dan has a Masters degrees in Art and in English. His background in Art is extensive, and includes  experience as a practicing artist, work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and completion of a diverse range of Art History coursework, including a seminar in African Art conducted by the Nigerian scholar Babatunde Lawal at Michigan State University. In addition, Dan has taught both the IB and AP programs, and is an IB Visiting Art Examiner. This past April he examined at 7 schools in the Portland, Oregon, area. Mr. Castelaz is familiar with printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography, and ceramics, and has taught courses in all except ceramics (despite his excellent wheel skills and knowledge of hand-building techniques).
At TAS, he was also involved with several extra-curricular activities including being the coach for the Varsity Girls soccer team.
Gene Marie Chagaris

Gene Marie Chagaris is a fifth grade teacher at Kaohsiung American School. Ms. Chagaris has taught for 17 years in 7 countries, including the USA where she earned her BA in Elementary Education at San Diego State University. Gene Marie has PYP and MYP experience and training.  She has also served as a curriculum coordinator;  facilitated dance shows and plays; wrote and directed three school musicals; led various outdoors and environmental clubs; facilitated 8 science fairs; coached ultimate frisbee, and many more after school programs. She has teaching certification from California in k-8 education. Gene Marie speaks Spanish fluently.

Julia Chiu-Ling Chen

Julia Chiu-Ling Chen grew up in Republic of South Africa, majoring in violin and piano at the University of Cape Town, where she earned her BA and a Masters Degree in Music Education and Post Graduated Higher Diploma of Education. She obtained CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adult) from Cambridge University, and is a qualified teacher in teaching PYP, and IBDP. Her music teaching experience includes 6 years at Rondebosch Boy’s School in Cape Town, 6 years in AST (American School in Taichung), Taiwan and in year seven at KAS.

Melody Chen

Melody Chen has been with KAS since 2000. She is our kindergarten teacher. Melody earned her Master’s degree and BA from California State University in Child Development.  In addition, she has 5 years of teaching in Los Angeles, maintains a Commission on Teacher Credentialing “Child Development Site Supervisor Permit” credential from Department of State in California, and has training and experience in Montessori Schools in the USA.

Nancy Sirois Nancy Sirois comes to us from Portland, Maine where she taught for Ms. Kenniston. She will teach math/science in grade 6. Ms. Sirois has been teaching for 16 years and has a wealth of teaching experience. She was the math curriculum coordinator.  Ms. Sirois has her MA and BA from Emerson College in Boston. Ms. Sirois is highly qualified and certified.
John Chin

John Chin grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry. John graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Design and earned his Masters of Arts in International Teaching from Framingham State College. He has taught in Mexico and Curaçao and is in his 3rd year teaching at KAS. He co-coaches the high school boys and girls soccer teams, advises the dance club and has helped plan the teacher dance the past 2 years. He has also coached middle school boys volleyball, boys softball, and high school ultimate frisbee.

Jessica Boulanger

Jessica Boulanger comes to KAS as an IB English Teacher after teaching IB English for the past 4 years in Curacao and AP at Josephinum Academy in Chicago. Jessica is from Illinois, USA and graduated from Illinois State University with a BA in English. She also has IB Certification in English A1 and A2. In 2011, Ms. Boulanger, then Ms. Faivre was Teacher of the Year in Curacao. She has been English Department Chair, curriculum writer, served on several international accreditation teams, and has participated in numerous professional development workshops.

Chikako Fukuyo

Chikako Fukuyo is a graduate of Australian University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Teaching Degree. Chikako spent 3 years as an English teacher for students of age 3-12 years in Japan, then, she became a certified Japanese Language Teacher by completing training at New Global Language Training Center in Tokyo. In 2001, she came to Taiwan and now, she begins her 9th year working at KAS. Ms. Fukuyo has IB training experiences in Japanese B and Ab-Initio.

Dr. Marilou Gallos

Dr. Marilou Gallos is in her third year as our chemistry teacher at KAS. She has a BA, MA and PhD. in chemistry and has a wealth of teaching experience. Dr. Gallo has taught at the high school level for many years in the Philippines and spent three years (2006-2009) teaching at Central High School in South Carolina, USA. Dr. Gallos also served as a Dean at the University of San Carlos in the Philippines. Marilou has IB experience and training.  She recently extends her contract for at least 2 more years.

Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert is the sixth grade English and social studies teacher at KAS. She will also serve as the MYP Coordinator in 2013-2014. Jennifer received her bachelor’s degree from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT with a dual major in English and Media Studies. After working in trade publishing, Jennifer returned to school to earn her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Fairfield University in Fairfield. CT. Before coming to Taiwan, Jennifer taught sixth grade math and reading in Bridgeport, CT where she received an Outstanding Educator Award in May 2007.

Flora (Yin-Fan) Chen Flora (Yin-Fan) Chen will be teaching middle school PE. Ms. Chen played competitive volleyball and will coach our girls team as well. She comes to us from Tainan after living in Canada for several years. She is certified.
Hsin Yi Hsu

Hsin Yi Hsu is our elementary school music teacher.  Hsin Yi comes to us from Morrison Academy where she taught for 11 years.. Hsin Yi Hsu is a graduate of Tainan Teacher College with her degree in Education with an emphasis in Music, and her Master’s is from Holy Name College in Oakland, California in Music Education with Kodaly Emphasis.  This is her second year at KAS.

Angel Huang

Angel Huang has over 10 years experience teaching Chinese language and literature to elementary and high school students. Ms. Huang earned her BA in Social Sciences at National Hsinchu University of Education in Taiwan and her Master’s Degree in Chinese literature at the Chinese Culture University in Taipei. She has represented Taiwan at a number of international Chinese teaching conferences and competitions. Ms. Huang has IB teaching experience in the high school, and she has also organized Chinese culture and martial arts clubs for elementary students at KAS.

Dorothy Hung

Dorothy Hung is a first grade teacher at KAS. Ms. Hung graduated from the University of Southern California with an M.A. of Applied Linguistics and an M.S. of Education.  She holds a Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a BCLAD (Bilingual, Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development) Emphasis from California, which authorizes her to teach elementary and ELL students. Dorothy’s teaching career began as a public school teacher in Los Angeles in 1989. Since joining KAS in 1996, Ms. Hung continues to be one of our most respected staff members.

Gloria Kao

Gloria Kao first joined Kaohsiung American School in 1990. She is a secondary school Chinese teacher. Her accreditation comes from the Chinese Teacher Teaching program and the Mandarin Training Center of the National Taiwan Normal University She is the CAS Coordinator for the IB Diploma Program. Gloria is married with two daughters, both very successful KAS alums whom she frequently visits in the United States.

Wanda Kiernan

Wanda Kiernan is from the Philadelphia, Penn. Area. She graduated from Lock Haven University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education. She taught in Virginia in several different grades, ranging from 2nd grade through middle school. She served on the team that began a Math Science Academy in her school which involved writing curriculum. She was selected Teacher of the Year for 2004-2005. She has taught math at Kaohsiung American School for seven years.

Casey Knight Casey Knight will be teaching social studies and comes to KAS from Texas, USA where she has 9 years of teaching experience. Ms. Knight is IBDP trained and experienced and has taught ToK, IB history and Western Civilization. She earned her BA and MA in History from Texas A&M.
Linda Kuiken

Linda Kuiken is in her second year as our IB physics and math teacher. She comes to us with a wealth of experience and most recently taught at the American School of Madrid. Linda earned her MA in Math at Iowa State University and a second MA in Gifted and Talented Education from Augustana College in South Dakota. She has her BA in Math from Northwestern. Ms. Kuiken is a Nationally Certified Teacher in the USA, corrects AP exams in Physics and is a consultant for the College Board. She is also an IB Teacher. Linda has 34 years experience as a Physics and Math Teacher.

Philip Leigh

Dr. Philip Leigh is the head of the English Department and holds IB certification in English and Theory of Knowledge. Dr. Leigh came to KAS after finishing his Ph.D and M.A. in English at the University of Texas at Austin. He received his B.A. in English and Classics from Bowdoin College. Prior to teaching courses in English, Rhetoric, and Linguistics at UT-Austin for seven years, he was a fulltime English teacher and coach for Worcester Academy in Massachusetts for three years. He has also taught summer academic programs at Northfield Mt. Hermon School (MA), Salisbury School (CT), and St. Paul’s School (NH). He is originally from Belgrade, ME.

Joyce Lin Joyce Lin will be in her first year as a Chinese Elementary School Teacher at KAS. Ms. Lin has 10 years teaching experience at the international school level, is a licensed Chinese Teacher, has PYP training and experience, earned her Master’s Degree at National Kaohsiung Normal University, and was the Chinese Language Chair in her previous school. Joyce is from Kaohsiung and enjoys travel and reading.
Greg Slosek

Greg Slosek comes to us from GEMS World Academy in Dubai. He is from the US and has several years of teaching ToK overseas. Mr. Slosek is also a very successful coach, including an undefeated basketball team this past year. M. Slosek is highly qualified and certified.

Christian van Loenen

Christian van Loenen is our Middle School School Social Studies teacher. Chris graduated from Colby College  with a BA in Sociology and Elementary Education. While at Colby, he was elected as the basketball captain his final two years, was an all-state player and team Most Valuable Player (MVP) during his senior year. Mr. van Loenen is certified in secondary school social studies and athletic training. He taught at our elementary and high school for the past 1.5 years and is our varsity coach for high school basketball.

Terea Marcum

Terea Marcum teaches Middle School Language Arts at KAS. She comes to us from North Carolina with 7 years of teaching experience. She has previously served on the School Improvement Team.  Ms. Marcum graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, and went on to earn her Master of Science in Literacy for Secondary Education from Walden University. Terea is certified to teach multiple subject areas. She has a passion for incorporating technology into the classroom using a variety of platforms.

Lulu Chen Lulu Chen is a fourth grade teacher at KAS. Ms. Chen was born in Taiwan, grew up in Singapore (she attended Singapore American School) and went to college and taught in the USA. Ms. Chen graduated from Macalester College with a BA and earned her Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota in Second Languages and Cultures Education. Ms. Chen is certified in Minnesota and shortly will be certified in Massachusetts. She has taught elementary school for more than 4 years, with the last two being in grade 4. Ms. Chen is fluent in English and Mandarin and proficient in Spanish and Japanese.
Junior Jaquez Claudia Merk is our Elementary School PE long term substitute teacher.
Sayoko Oda

Sayoko Oda is in her third year as our elementary school art and one of our secondary school Japanese teachers. She teaches MS Culture (Global Societies and Culture), along with ES and MS Art and MS Japanese. Sayoko taught IB art (MYP) at the Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan. Ms. Oda also taught in Nevada. She graduated with her BA in art from BYU in the USA. She is also certified to teach Japanese.

Bob Oddo

Bob Oddo is our new High School science teacher at KAS. Mr. Oddo comes to us after a very successful, twenty-five year career at Horace Greeley High School in NY (a school with a great reputation in the US). Bob earned his BA in Biology from SUNY Oneonta and his MA in Biology from Murray State University. He has taught a Forensic Course at Syracuse University, biology in India and Poland as a Fulbright Scholar, and was a volunteer teacher in Laos. Mr. Oddo has coached soccer for 15 years, was the advisor for the Science Olympiad Team, and has supervised numerous after school activities. He comes to us with exceptional recommendations from his administrators in New York. He is certified in General Science, Biology, Chemistry and German.

Pearl Ortiga

Pearl Ortiga obtained her Bachelor and Master of Education from TCNJ (The College of New Jersey). She is certified by New Jersey State Department of Education, Middle States Association and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Pearl taught at Grace Christian Academy in Manila for two years. Ms. Ortiga volunteered as lecturer for Taitung Teachers College (Taitung University) for 3 years and professional development presenter for Taitung public school teachers for two years. Pearl has been at KAS for 21 years and is our senior staff member.

Carolina Paglialunga

Carolina Paglialunga is in her second year as a Spanish Teacher at KAS.  Caro graduated from National University of Mar Del Plata in Argentina and earned her Master’s degree from the University of Jaen, Spain in Spanish.  Ms. Paglialunga has several years of teaching before coming to KAS and has lived for two years in the US.

Justin Pilon

Justin Pilon is in his second year of teaching at KAS.  He is now teaching IT after teaching English last year.  Mr. Pilon graduated from McGill in Canada with his BA in Computer Science.  He speaks French fluently and conversational Mandarin.  Justin is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Education in Washington, D.C.

Peter Rock

Peter Rock teaches high school IT classes and IB Economics. He has taught Information Technology for 14 years, completed IB Economics certification, and is an IB Examiner for Economics. Mr. Rock was born in Canada and completed his B.Ed. from the University of Alberta in 1998. He has taught at international schools in Egypt, Lebanon, and Cameroon and has been at Kaohsiung American School since 2007.

Nancy Shotland

Nancy Shotland teaches history at KAS. Ms. Shotland is from Keene, New Hampshire in the USA. She taught at Keene High School for 27 years where she was also the activities director. Nancy has her BA in Education from Keene State College with a focus in History and her MA from Antioch New England University in Curriculum Development. She taught the Honors Program at Keene. Ms. Shotland has been actively involved in community activities as well as being an outstanding educator.

Amy Strom Amy Strom has been teaching in Jakarta for the past two years and has also taught in Slovakia for three years before that. In addition, Ms. Strom has taught elementary and middle school for 28 years in the US to give her a total of 33 years of teaching experience. Her certifications are in Elementary Education and Middle School Education from Washington and Oregon.  Amy graduated from Oregon State University with her BA degree in Education. She went on to earn her Masters Degree in Education from the University of Portland. Amy is proficient in and uses technology in many ways in her classroom.
Kevin Strait Kevin Strait has 30 years experience teaching at Mead High School in Spokane, Washington, USA and two years internationally at the American School of Kuwait. Kevin is a trained and experienced IB teacher in Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies, and several AP science courses. Mr. Strait earned his Masters Degree in Biology and Science Teaching and has more than 90 graduate hours beyond this degree. He also worked in the Teachers Program from Whitworth University and Eastern Washington University as a Master Teacher. Kevin’s wife is a nurse and they have three grown children.
Ken Su

Ken Su is from Tainan and graduated from Cal. Poly in Pomona, California with a BA degree in Business Administration. Currently Ken is in the master’s program in leadership from Nova Southeastern University, Florida. Ken also studied Sports Management Program in Taiwan Normal University’s master program. Ken has earned various athletic administrative accreditations from NIAAA (National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association) from the U.S., as a CMAA (Certified Master Athletic Administrator), CAA (Certified Athletic Administrator), RAA ( Registered Athletic Administrator ), and RMAA (Registered Middle School Athletic Administrator ). It is Ken’s third year at KAS.

Zachary Thibodeau Zachary is the IB Psychology and US History teacher in the high school. He is a graduate with Honors from the University of Maine and in his second year of teaching at KAS. He completed his practicing teaching at the International School of Genoa in Italy and is IB experienced and trained and has taught IB in Genoa. Zachary is currently completing his Master’s Degree in Social Studies Education from Columbia University in New York City. Zachary is currently the coach of high school volleyball and basketball teams at KAS.
Fion (Shu-Hua) Lin

Fion (Shu-Hua) Lin will teach elementary school Chinese. With a wealth of experience in teaching in Taipei, we are pleased to have her in Kaohsiung. She actually taught with current Chinese teacher, Angel Huang. She is highly qualified and certified.

Christopher Thornton

Christopher Thornton is teaching middle school science at KAS. Chris has his BS in Biology from Stanford University and his Masters in Education from the University of Washington. He has 6 years of teaching experience in middle school science in Washington. Before teaching, Mr. Thornton was a research scientist in aquaculture and biotechnology. He has visited Taiwan several times through his work. He is a National Board Certified Teacher in the USA which is the gold standard for teaching excellence in all 50 states.

Yenidil Toribio Yenidil Toribio is from the Dominican Republic, was educated New Jersey and Florida, and has taught for 10 years in China, Japan, North Carolina, and the Virgin Islands. She is truly a global citizen. Yeni is certified in Spanish, ELL, and Education from Florida, USA and has her Masters Degree in Education. Ms. Toribio is trained and experienced in MYP and IB. Her husband is a fire fighter and volleyball coach and her daughter will be a junior at KAS enrolled in the IB program.
Lee Zalinger

Lee Zalinger will be teaching physics at the high school. This is an additional science position added to the KAS science department. Mr. Zalinger has 28 years of teaching physics in private boarding schools in Connecticut. He is highly qualified and certified.

Wendy Bestor

Wendy Bestor comes to us from Connecticut where she has taught elementary school in private boarding schools for more than 25 years. She will teach elementary school ELL. She is highly qualified and certified.

Wendy Weng

Wendy Weng is an ELL Teacher at Kaohsiung American School where she has taught for 7 years. Wendy has been teaching English for more than eleven years since graduating from college.  Ms. Weng went to college in Taipei in Fu Jen Catholic University with a major in English. After graduating from college, Ms. Weng went to the University of Texas to earn her Master’s Degree in Education. She also worked on her ESL teaching certificate in the linguistic department.

Thomas Williamson Thomas Williamson  will be in our English Department and come to us from Maine, USA where he taught for 30 years in one of Maine’s top high schools. Mr. Williamson is a graduate of Bowdoin College where he majored in the Classics and History. He earned his MA in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Maine. He has taught English, Latin, and Para medicine (at the college level). Mr. Williamson has been named “Woman’s Soccer Coach of the Year” in Maine on two occasions.
Director of Learning Design
Victor Boulanger

Victor Boulanger is our Director of Learning Design. He leads us into the information age with his valued experience. Victor earned his BA Degree in Science from Lycee Corneille and Law Degree from the Universite de Mont Saint Aignan in France. He also has a Masters Degree in European Law from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and a Masters in Information Technology Law from John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Victor taught for 6 years in Chicago and for 4 years in Curacao. He has conducted many professional development programs in IT, presented internationally on technology, and has experience with the one-to-one laptop program.

Daisy Chang

Daisy is in her 13th year at KAS as the Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant.  Ms. Chang is from Taiwan and earned her BA from TamKang University in Taipei.

Leah Chao

Leah Chao is in her third year as Admissions Officer at KAS and in her 8th year at KAS.  Leah has her BA in Economics from Cheng Chi University in Taipei.

Rachel Chen

Rachel Chen is in her third year as Registrar and her 8th year at KAS. Rachel has her BA from Gonzaga University in the USA.

Ellen Chiang

Ellen Chiang is in her seventh year as Receptionist in the Superintendent’s office. She is also works closely with the Administrative Assistant.

Business Manager
Candy Chiu

Candy Chiu is the Business Manager and is in year two at KAS. After a very successful experience in the business world, Candy joined KAS last year. She has her MBA from National Sun-Yat Sen University.

Robert Chuang Robert Chuang is in his second year as IT Technician, a position he held at KAS before exploring technology outside of education. He is in his second year at KAS and has his Masters Degree from Sun Yat-Sen University.
Guidance Counselor
Lori Dietrich

Our Guidance counselor is Lori Dietrich from San Diego, California. She has 12 years as a counselor and teacher, four of which are overseas teaching. Lori earned her BA from the University of Wisconsin, her MA in Counseling at Chapman College and has three certifications.

Director of Media Center
Natalie Rector
Natalie Rector comes to KAS from Florida, where she was a University Librarian and K-12 Media Specialist for 6 years. She also has an additional 6 years of teaching experience, as an ESOL and English teacher in Orange County Public Schools, as a Peace Corps Volunteer ELL Teacher/Teacher-Trainer and as an independent teaching volunteer in Thailand. She is certified in K-12 ESOL, K-12 Media Specialist, 6-12 English and K-6 Elementary Education from the state of Florida. Natalie earned her BA in English Literature from Hollins University, a Masters in Library and Information Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Online Instructional Design from Florida State University. She has presented internationally on topics of information science, technology, pedagogy and instructional design.
Jeannie Huang Jeannie Huang is our Accountant and came to KAS one year ago.  Jaennie graduated from National Kaohsiung Applied Sciences University with her degree in Accounting.
Vivien Huang

Vivien Huang is our newest addition to the KAS Office staff and wears many hats. Vivien is the administrative assistant to the IB Coordinator and Athletic Director, and she is the data controller for the WASC accreditation team.

Jeff Ko

Jeff Ko is the Facility Maintenance Controller at KAS where he has worked for two years. Jeff earned his BA at ChiaNan University, Department of Pharmacy and Science.

Tracy Lee Tracy Lee is the Purchasing Agent.
Shu-Ping Liu

Shu-Ping is the school nurse at KAS where she has been since 2005.  Shu-Ping is a Registered Nurse in Taiwan and has her nursing certification from California.  She graduated from Foo-Ying Medical College of Nursing and Midwifery in Kaohsiung.

Lena Wang Lena Wang joins the ranks of the office of Learning Design as Help Desk Specialist. She is the new face of technology support for teachers and staff, students and parents, on campus. Lena earned her BA in Information Management in 2009 from Sun Yat-Sen University in Kaohsiung. Lena worked as a research and development engineer at Foxconn in Shenzhen.  Most recently she travelled across Europe and Asia before returning to her native Pingtung.
Denise Wu

Denise Wu is in her 6th year at KAS and works as the Receptionist and Secretary to the building principals. Denise is a graduate of Wenzao Ursuline College of Language with her degree in English.

Neroli (Pinky) Chung

Neroli (Pinky) Chung is the Kindergarten Teacher Assistant. She is in her fourth year at KAS. She graduated from Chinese Culture University.

Erica (Kai-Lien) Jheng

Ms. Jheng is in her third year as Grade 5 Teacher Assistant.  She graduated from Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages where she majored in English.  Erica was born and grew up in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Nancy Huang Nancy Huang is Grade 5 Teacher Assistant. Nancy graduated from Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages where she majored in English. Nancy has worked in Kaohsiung since graduation and is a wonderful addition to the KAS staff.
Grace Lee

Grace Lee is the Grade 3 Teacher Assistant. She has been at KAS for four years. She graduated from WenZao Ursuline College.

Jessica Liu

Jessica Liu is in her fourth year as the Grade 1 Teacher Assistant. She graduated from Chia-Nan Pharmaceutics College.

Flora Tsai

Flora Tsai is in her first year at KAS as the Pre-K Teacher Assistant. She graduated with a MA in Psychology from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. Flora also earned a MS in Psychiatry from University of Sheffield from Sheffield, UK.

Regine Viale

Ms. Viale graduated from the University of Hawaii where she earned her BA in ESL.  She has been at KAS since 2004 and is our Library Assistant.

Joyce Yang

Joyce Yang is in her fourth year as the Grade 2 Teacher Assistant. She graduated from I-Shou University.